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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Tracy Miller and I live in Waterbury, CT. I am 38 and a homemaker, and single mom of three beautiful children, currently in the process of a divorce. I love my computer and love to surf for new freebies, contests, sweepstakes and surveys! If you find any not listed here, please e-mail me and let me know! If you have a site of your own that you want me to consider adding to mine, let me know! Before we get started searching for the fun stuff, please take a moment to read the following: ************THE BEST FREE THING ON THIS PAGE IS RIGHT HERE!************ I love Jesus! He is everything to me! He saved my life and changed my world in one glorious touch! If you do not know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, please write to me and ask me questions! I will share my miraculous testimony with anyone who is is pretty awesome! I love to read my Bible and go to services at my home church in Danbury, CT....Grace 'N Vessels. It is the largest ministry in the NorthEast right now and growing everyday! People are realizing that Jesus is the only way to peace and comfort and joy and everlasting life in Heaven! Won't you learn about Jesus too? Please visit my other homepage for more details on this wonderful subject...... Thanks for listening and may God Bless You and keep you wrapped in His loving and merciful arms forever!

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