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Come to Me as a little child saith the Lord Jesus

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

I had to...I just HAD to write this story to you all! This is a fairly long story so PLEASE bare with is worth in in the end! This is a tale of seeing the Lord through a child's eyes.

This morning was my son Ryan's last day of school. He is six years old. Satan has been torturing my son for most of his childhood however, in recent months (since his dad left home) he is doing considerably well! I was invited to attend a school recital this morning for his last day. It was wonderful! After it was over his teacher told me Ryan had made great improvements these last months which pleased me considerably. We had punch and cookies and Ryan saw someone with balloons. He asked if he could go ask for one. I said honey, their mommy probably bought them for her for graduation and if mommy had the money, she would have gotten some for you too but I didn't. He said he understood which tickled me pink because some children would have gone into a tantrum. Praise God! :-)

After the celebration we went to say good bye to the principal and lo and behold, on his desk was a plain white star helium balloon! Ryan asked if he could have it and I interupted immediately and said no so as not to put Mr. Grant in an uncomfortable situation. Mr. Grant said you sure can have it! Ryan was thrilled! I was thrilled!

We got in the car and headed for the store and Ryan kept talking about how much he loved Jesus and God and singing along with the Christian tape I have of my Pastor Grace. He loves her and her music! He was so adament about continually saying how blessed he is and how much he loves Jesus! I was so happy...filled with the soul was just gushing with cheer! I know you have felt it and I KNOW you KNOW what I mean!

He carried the balloon into the store with us, not wanting to leave it alone, etc. He was so cute! Telling everyone who would listen where he got it from! He even asked the checkout clerk to ring it through the check out line for him! Awwwwwwwwwwww :-)

We headed for a second store. He found three pennies on the floor of the car. He carried them into the store to spend them. Of course nothing cost three cents and the clerk told him that when we entered the store. So I guess his little head got to thinking and he said here you have one and proceeded to give one to the clerk and another to another clerk. He had one penny left. He turned around and saw a very elderly woman entering the door and ran over to her and said here this is for you! The people stood there amazed! I laughed and said "my son has learned that when he blesses others, God blesses him back ten fold!" They smiled and that was that.

We get into the car to head home and Ryan says Mommy? We have to do something when we get home! I said what honey? He said we have to write something on the balloon for Jesus and God and cut this string and let the balloon go and send it up to heaven for them! Well I about had a wreck right then and there! I said yes Ryan, we WILL do that! We did. We got home and he picked the color green (his favorite) marker and he composed and I wrote! To Jesus (on one side)...please forgive me for all of my sins. Amen....Love, Ryan and To God (on the other side) I love You, I am having a good time, thank You for this wonderful world, Amen....Love, Ryan

We prayed before we let that balloon go and tears welled in my eyes as I watched my innocent child follow it's path to heaven until he could no longer see it. It was about to storm heavily and he was so worried that the rain would weigh the balloon down and Jesus and God would not get it! I assured Ryan repeatedly that NOTHING could stop that balloon from getting to it's destination and I know in my heart that it didn't! Thank You Lord!

And that my friends was my blessing to last a lifetime today! Praise Jesus! I must be doing SOMETHING right here! Thank You LORD!

Blessings and love to you all my family in Christ!

Please write to Ryan! ;-) He would LOVE it!

Ryan is a child that needs alot of encouragement. I have continually praised him for what he did.....He put Jesus and God before his own needs and wants which is what we should do! The Lord should ALWAYS come first! Ryan knows this! You may send email or snail mail to Ryan below. Please know that ALL mail will be screened through me first so PLEASE keep it clean for the glory of God! Thank you!

Tracy Miller
PO Box 4906
Waterbury,, CT 06704
United States

Ryan has blessed of God's children!